Introducing PALA Quarterly Newsletter

Announcing the first issue of PALA Mine: Newsletter of the Polish American Librarians Association, PALA President Aldona Salska says, “We have created this communication tool to support PALA’s  mission, which is to have a positive impact on services provided to library patrons of Polish descent and individuals interested in Polish culture.” Debuting this month, the electronic newsletter aims to highlight the activities of Polish American librarians and libraries around the country and to help them network through PALA.

“Our efforts in this endeavor are many, but they rely entirely on our collective will as an organization and on the many volunteer hours contributed by our board and active members,” says Salska. “We invite you to get involved in a project or event that is important to your career and professional life.”

PALA Mine will be published and mailed to PALA members, potential supporters, and media outlets roughly four times a year and provide activity updates, member profiles, and announcements,” says PALA Executive Director Leonard Kniffel, “and we encourage you to let us know if you have suggestions or would like to help with the preparation and mailing of the newsletter. Let PALA Mine be a pal o’ yours!”

PALA urges you to forward the newsletter to friends and colleagues who might be interested in learning about and supporting the work of PALA. The Association invites you to join us in our major areas of emphasis: developing forums for discussion and networks of communication, promoting understanding and respect among all cultures by expanding access to reliable information about Polish and Polish American culture, promoting Polish American librarianship, and cooperating with and supporting the work of other library associations and related organizations.

Visit the PALA website at for more information or contact Kniffel at