Annual Report 2012


o In the past year, PALA held quarterly all member meetings at the Polish Museum

of America and the Executive Board Meetings were held every second Tuesday of

the month, usually at the Eisenhower Public Library. I would like to extend an

invitation to all members to attend our future meetings and take an active part in

the organization.



o As of today we have 75 active members from 13 states (Illinois, Wisconsin,

Indiana, Michigan, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, South

Carolina, Tennessee, Kansas, California).

o We are proud to announce that three of PALA's members officially joined the

field of Librarianship.

 Malgorzata Kot, Iwona Bozek, and Anna Demitraszek received their

Masters of Library and Information Science degree from Dominican

University January of this year.

o PALA members met during the 2012 American Library Association Conference in

Anaheim, California for a networking dinner and a visit was made to the Helena

Modjeska Estate. The report of this visit is posted on PALA's website.

o To help facilitate communication and collaboration of PALA's members, a

membership directory was developed.

 The directory provides contact information and area of expertise of each

active member.

 Access to the directory is through PALA's secure member's only website,

on which other documents are available, such as minutes of executive

board meetings.

o In the first half of the year PALA conducted two surveys to better serve its

membership and to develop future goals of the organization.

 After the second Annual Meeting and Open House, PALA sent out an

evaluation of the event. Thank you to those who responded and hopefully

you can see some of your suggested implemented in today’s event.

 The second survey was done in May to learn more about PALA’s members.

 Respondents were mainly public or academic librarians, followed

 The top reasons members decided to join PALA were: to support

by public library administrators, library students, librarians from

special libraries, academic library administrators, and other.

PALA’s mission, to network with other librarians, and to become

involved in the association.


 Respondents were most interested in the following member

benefits: e-newsletter, followed by collection development

resources, a list of providers of Polish resources, programming and

outreach resources, an awards program, use of social networking

tools, scholarship and employment information, and a mentoring


 Direct e-mail, newsletter, website, and Facebook were selected as

preferred communication with members.

 Most respondents were either extremely likely or very likely to join

or renew their PALA membership. All respondents would

recommend PALA to others.

 Satisfaction with PALA was rated as high by a majority.

 Organizing fundraising events and asking for donations were

selected by most as top fundraising approaches PALA should




PALS’s activities and developments over the past year included:

o A Polish language collection development resource, which was one of the top

requested member benefits. The resources of the document were researched and

compiled by Aldona Salska.

o In June, revisions to the bylaws were proposed by the Executive Board and

approved by the majority of the membership.

o PALA’s website, developed by Marcin Terlik, was updated with additional content

such as the collection development document, updated bylaws, and the member

directory. This past year the website has received 1,789 visitors.

o The scholarship committee received a winning essay and will present the second

Vera May Barnes Zubrzycki scholarship during today's event.

o PALA is also planning to host a member event during the 2013 American Library

Association conference in Chicago. Ron Stoch, PALA's Vice-President, has been

successful in securing an exhibit booth for PALA free of charge and connected

with the Ethnic & Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table (EMIERT)

for a possible ethnic tour; including the Polish Museum of America.



PALA’s cooperation with other library and education organizations continued this past



o PALA became an affiliate member of IFLA, the International Federation of

Library Associations.

o We are in contact with the Polish Librarians Association (SBP,

Stowarzyszenie Bibliotekarzy Polskich)

o In May, members of PALA attended the Polish Teachers’ Association

Conference to promote the association and to start developing a working

relationship with Polish educators.



During this past year PALA has joined two important campaigns, which you will hear

more about later during this event.

o The first is the Jan Karski campaign implemented by the Karski

Educational Foundation.

o The second is the All of Poland/All of Polonia Reads to Kids lead by

Barbara Bilszta.

Thank you very much for your attention and support. This concludes the Annual



Submitted by PALA Board

Presented by Joanna Klos at the 3 rd Annual Meeting on February 24, 2013