Annual Report 2014



  • Currently PALA has over 80 members. However, there has been a decrease of about 30 members over the past year.





PALA’s activities and developments during the year 2014 included:


  • On February 22, 2014 PALA held its fourth Annual Meeting and Open House at the Loyola University. The general business meeting included a discussion with Kieth Michael Fiels, Executive Director of the American Library Association, followed by a lunch buffet, presentation of the third Vera May Barnes Zubrzycki scholarship, and a keynote address by Keith Michael Fields on “A Spectacular Career and How to Have One.” The event concluded with an introduction to the Loyola Polish Studies Program and a tour of the university’s library.


  • The “Third Tuesday” Polish Book Club sponsored by Loyola, Chicago area libraries, and the Polish Museum of America, was launch at last year’s Annual Meeting and scheduled for monthly book discussions at various locations. The events located at the Polish Museum of America were very well attended.


  • All Polonia Reads To Kids events were held at the Indian Trails and Wood Dale Public Libraries during Polish Heritage Month in October. The events promoted reading out loud to children 20 minutes a day every day.


  • In light of the United States Vice-President visiting Poland in March 2014, PALA supported the Visa Waiver Program Enhanced Security and Reform Act by sending a letter to all Senators urging them to lift the visa requirement for Poles.


  • In May, the Board met with the director and producer of the documentary film “The Fourth Partition.” The meeting was followed by a news release of PALA’s support of the film, encouraging libraries to consider a screening of the film and discussion of early Polish immigration.


  • In August, PALA sponsored a post-IFLA meeting and tour of the Polish Library in Paris which was attended by five participants.


  • In November, PALA received the IRS approval of tax exempt status which will allow for the association to raise money for future initiatives.


  • A PALA networking dinner was planned during the ALA midwinter meeting in Chicago, unfortunately the event had to be cancelled due to severe weather.


  • In December, PALA’s Executive Director, Leonard Kniffel met with the chairman of the Friends of the Forum for Dialogue Among Nations to discuss a possible partnership.


  • Throughout the year PALA continued its support of the Jan Karski campaign by urging participation in the “Jan Karski Days in Chicago” and the Jan Karski 2014 International Conference on Memory and Responsibility” at Loyola University. PALA also encouraged libraries to host the traveling exhibition about the life and legacy of Jan Karski.



Thank you very much for your attention and support. This concludes the Annual Report.


Submitted by PALA Board