How do I join PALA?
Our application can be found at Join Us website.


Who can join PALA? Do I need to be Polish?
We encourage library staff of any origin to join PALA. Our mission is to positively impact services provided to library patrons of Polish descent and individuals interested in Polish culture.


Do I need to speak Polish to join PALA?
Speaking Polish is not required! All of our official business is conducted and posted in English.


Where are most meetings held?
Meetings take place in a variety of Chicagoland libraries. Events connected with the American Library Association’s Annual Conference and Midwinter Meeting take place in the host city. PALA’s Annual Meeting & Career Development Day generally takes place in the Chicago area, but as the Association grows, the locations will change with the wishes of the membership. Upcoming meetings are posted under the “News” and “Events” tabs on the website.


Does PALA have a LinkedIn page?
Yes! Find us HERE.


Does PALA have a Facebook page?
Yes! Find us HERE.

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