Mission & Vision


The mission of the Polish American Librarians Association is to positively impact services provided to library patrons of Polish descent and individuals interested in Polish culture.


1. To enhance professional knowledge by developing forums for discussion and networks of communication among library staff working with Polish collections and patrons of Polish origin.
2. To promote understanding and respect among all cultures by expanding the means to access reliable, current information about Polish and Polish-American culture.
3. To promote Polish American librarianship.
4. To provide opportunities for cooperation with other library associations.


Moved that the Polish American Librarians Association focus its energy and resources on networking and career development through four primary activity areas:

  • Planning and conducting the Annual Meeting and participating in other national, state, and international conferences, and in other networking forums.
  • Improving communication and resource sharing with members through the PALA Mine quarterly newsletter, the PALA website, and survey and evaluation forms.
  • Recruiting and retaining members through the efficient and effective use and maintenance of the email mailing list.
  • Partnering with and supporting the efforts of libraries, library associations, and other related organizations.

Be it also moved that PALA streamline its bylaws and structure, reassign responsibilities to board positions, and consider all initiatives and proposals within the framework of the activity areas listed above. And be it further moved that the board of directors revisit PALA’s goals, bylaws, and operating structure annually.